New Zealand Lifestylers Limited

Lifestylers is run by partners, Gavin Kennedy and Shelley Kennedy.

Lifestylers was started in June of 2002 with the intention of servicing the growing number of lifestyle properties in the Wairarapa in the areas of general maintenance fencing and work with livestock.

From it’s small beginnings back then, employing one person plus Gavin, it has grown to now employing five team members working out in the field plus Shelley and Gavin doing the organising and working on the business.

The focus has shifted towards doing larger work out on bigger farming properties throughout the region.

Lifestylers currently has two work vehicles in service and two tractors, which are used for post driving work on the fence lines.

One of Lifestylers first big breakthroughs came with the purchase of their first tractor in May 2004 and commissioned it to work. It had the ability to create large levels of work for the Lifestylers team to complete behind it.

Through the years Lifestylers have sought professional advice in building systems and policies that would create a steady base from which to grow the business to greater levels and strive to grow positively with personal development, which of course flows on into the business.

At present, Lifestylers have their team members working in two teams, each with an appointed team leader to oversee field operations.

Having two tractors means Lifestylers can cater for all their post driving work plus have a team coming along behind doing the finishing work.